Webcam Video Capture

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Record everything your webcam captures, or everything that happens in a set part of your desktop.

When you have a new product to sell, a training package to put together etc, you can use your webcam to help you. The name of this program, Webcam Video Capture, isn't totally clear as to what it does exactly. Yes, it does record everything your webcam captures, but it also has other recording functions.

Webcam Video Capture isn't limited to just webcam recording, as you can also configure it to record everything that happens in a set area of your desktop (or all of it). This makes it an ideal tool to create tutorials. You can capture webcams, streaming video, full screen, part of the screen and even video with sound.

Webcam Video Capture lets you save the videos you record in AVI or WMV formats. This webcam program is very easy to download, install and then use, through its friendly and intuitive user interface. You don't need any technical experience at all to get the most out of it. Instead you can just use it to demonstrate a product, create a presentation with your own audio narration, make a voiceover tutorial, or walk through a website review. Whatever comes to mind.

So there you have it. If you want to capture what your webcam sees, and a whole lot more, then you need a program like this Webcam Video Capture. And best of all is that you can download it for free! What are you waiting for?


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